Maria Korolyzen

Realtor Asociated


About Maria Korolyzen

Maria R. Korolyzen
Sales Director And Listing Agent
Realtor, Luxury and Commercial Certified
Direct Number: (954) 709 - 3182
Maria Korolyzen moved to the United States in 1987. She initiated as an entrepreneur, public relations and marketing in New York, New Jersey and Texas. She gained skills such as problem solving, decision making, collaboration and team work. In 1992, she relocated in South Florida, cultivating her previous skills led her to initiated her new career as Mortgage Agent and Real Estate Agent. Moreover, Maria became an accurate negotiator. Maria provides a global and local marketing and networking services that empower the sales International Worldwide Market. Maria currently have over 20 years of experience in Real Estate such in Luxury properties, residential, commercial, and consulting. Her knowledge and experience are based among various relationships with people in the United States, Latin America, Caribbean Island (mainly in Bahamas), and some part of Europe. Maria as the Director of sales and international marketing for the Bahamians Project, is also part of a powerful team at the Keyes Company International and luxury division. She is taking her career in a higher level by emphasizing her Luxury Division portfolio in various projects such as in Bahamas, Miami, and Latin America.
Maria confirms – “My faith in God, focus, strategies, planning and loyalty, along with my high standards and values allow me to provide smooth transactions and the ultimate satisfaction for me and all my clients.”